Naia Sendar


Naia Sendar was a Force-sensitive Human who received training in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order. She attained the rank of Jedi Knight at a very young age because of her exceptional lightsaber skills and she received a Hapan Padawan only a few years younger than her. Becoming recognized as a Guardian, Jedi Sendar had the look of a young, innocent girl; though a lightsaber scar across her cheek revealed her true nature as a warrior. She and her Padawan participated successfully in many campaigns in the outer rim. Where Naia excelled as a duelist she failed as a master, being scolded constantly by the council for being too close to her apprentice and for the countless times that her padawan had shown greater wisdom and patience than her. Yet despite of the council’s warnings the duo remained close and they managed many victories in the Rim especially against the Hutt Cartel.

When the Clone Wars began the Jedi, believing the Republic corrupted and influenced by her close Friend and mentor Sian Jeisel, followed Jeisel’s example and invoked her Right of Denial, refusing to answer the High Council’s call to arms. Instead she remained abroad, gathering together with other like-minded Jedi under the guidance of masters Jeisel and K’Kruhk. A decision that her padawan opposed firmly and tried many times to change her mind but Naia remained unpersuaded, and almost parted ways with her padawan who had decided to join the War. Yet in the end, master and apprentice, couldn’t manage to leave each other and they decided to remain together.

Soon after, Mace Widow came into an agreement with the Jedi group and Naia joined the wars under the orders of Master Jeisel. The Knight and her apprentice followed the Master in many battles and they played an imprortant role in the Siege of Saleucami going behind the enemy lines. During their covert op Naia was heavily injured and was saved by her Padawan. When they returned, the mental strain on the Jedi and her apprentice was obvious. Both of them avoided to describe what exactly happened after Naia’s injury. Master Jeisel decided not to push them too hard to reveal the specifics knowing that their relationship was beyond that of a master and an apprentice.

Jeisel also decided that it was time for the duo to part ways. She announced that Kolden was ready to take the trials to become a Knight and she also pushed the padawan to make his own lightsaber. A fact that caused great pride and sorrow to Naia. Before she could recover completely from their injuries orders came to follow Master Jesei and Master K’Krunk and join master and join master Ki-Adi-Mundi on Mygeeto.

Naia Sendar

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